Do you ever???


Good morning lovely people,

It’s the end of the week and I’m tired and feeling a little blah. I know that working these two jobs is temporary. And I know that there’s a reason that The Lord gives me the strength to work them and it’s greatly appreciated. I even pray that I feel refreshed in the morning after 2 hours of sleep. And I do feel much better. Thank God!

Driving into work this morning, though, a girl can get cranky very quickly. Do you ever wonder why people race you, just to get to a red light? Ever wonder why people drive in the wrong lane just to whip in front of you at the last minute? Do you ever wish that the person speeding past you gets pulled over by a cop? Do you wonder why people drive really slow in front of you and then when you try to pass them they speed up? Do you ever wish that person that’s speeding every day to get to the parking lot so they’re not late, would just get up earlier? Do you ever think to yourself “Well no wonder your car is all banged up on the side, because you drive like a maniac!” Are you ever leery parking next to said person with the banged up car because you think they’re going to ding your car door? All these questions and more flash through my head as I make my commute to work every morning and, alas, it’s the same ride in every morning. No peaceful scenery like driving past cows or horses in a pasture. Or driving past a lake where the fish are jumping out of the water. Or no woodland creatures out for their morning stroll, hahahaha. Ok, I slipped into a Disney movie, sorry.

Well let me get to work and be productive. Got to make this day count, right?!?!?! Although I’m pretty sure everyday counts. You all have a great and blessed day. Wishing you hot showers and green lights! That always makes my day. What makes your day a little brighter?




Money Makers


Good Morning lovely people,

I hope everyone had a wonderful and productive weekend. I know I definitely did. I was cramming in some mystery shopping with my wonderful “money-making apps”. I promise you these are really great ways to make extra cash on the weekends like I do or great for you stay-at-home moms and dads to do during the week. I had 8 shifts from EasyShift, 6 from Zapiddy, and a couple from Field Agent. I’m telling you, they pay off if you have a few jobs from different apps at the same store and of course, if they’re all in the same area. I sometimes drive too far, but I figure if I add them all up for one day’s work, then that’s a good chunk of change to add to my PayPal during the week.

I will say that EasyShift is my favorite because they’re to the point, short, and sweet. You get in and get out. I think the longest I’ve taken to do one is 30-45 minutes in Sam’s Club. But, it’s worth it, because the Sam’s Club jobs pay the most. And if you log into the EasyShift app, they have an awesome forum, where Shifters from across the nation can discuss, the jobs, the policies, and other apps. It’s a very helpful forum, because I’ve learned of other apps, the ones that pay the most, the most frequent, and which ones that aren’t worth the trouble. Even tech support joins in on the discussions, to address issues and answer questions. They’re very polite and helpful.

Field Agent and Zapiddy are similar in the type of jobs there are, but Field Agent only gives you 2 hours to do the task, so that doesn’t help me while I’m at work during the week. And Zapiddy just had an upgrade and they’re offering more jobs it seems. There are others that I’ve tried, but between working 2 jobs during the week, I’m only able to stick to a few apps and do them on the weekends. But, I’m pretty sure it can be somewhat lucrative if you have a lot of apps.

Others that I can suggest are Gigwalk, Mobee, gapNsnap, StockUP, and Rewardable. And there are other apps that pay with points towards gift cards, such as PerkTV, PerkPopQuiz, winput, Jingit, ONGO surveys, PanelApp, dscout, and the elusive (for me, that is) BzzAgent.

BzzAgent is a website that will send you free products to try out for free and give your opinion. But, I think you have to have some connections to have them send you something, because I haven’t received anything yet. I think I possibly need more Twitter followers, Facebook friends, and more people to follow my blog. But, in due time, I guess.

Have a Blessed Day,




On a crappy note…


Well, I had to take off of work today, because I had been fighting a migraine for several days. And as you fellow migraine sufferers know, that when you don’t catch it at the beginning it grows into this monstrous being in itself. So last night at my second job I was nauseous and over-heated. But I pulled through, only to wake up this morning suffering from chest and back pain.

I know, I know, it all sounds bad, but I just figured I’d sleep it off, right? Well, then I get a phone call from my doctor’s office saying that my “routine check-up” blood work shows that I have high cholesterol!! Along with my high blood pressure that makes 2 medications that I’ll be taking.

Now I’m madder than a turtle on the track at the “Indy 500”, lol, (Shout out to my Indy roots). I’ve been exercising and losing weight for the past 6 months, just to get off of the meds. I’ve lost a total of 33 pounds, but I have at least 27 pounds left to go.
But, let me admit the truth, since I’ve been working 2 jobs I’ve been eating way too much fast food. But I know that if I had my blood work done 3 month ago, my cholesterol would not have been as high. So, I’m going back to eating healthy, NO MORE FAST FOOD!!!

I get it rechecked in 2 months, I’ll let you know how it turns out.


What do you want to be when you grow up?


Val here, just trying to wake up and stay focused at my day job. Have you ever wondered if you’re doing something meaningful with your life? Well, I’m currently going through this right now. I don’t know if it’s a mid-life crisis or menopause, lol. Or am I just looking for a change. I’m at an age now where I want to start a new career and make a go of a whole new life. I have one child still at home and on her way to college in a couple of years. And I ask myself, can I afford to start all over in my career and do something that I love, instead of going to a “job” every day? So, I jokingly tell my family and coworkers, that I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I’m currently working two jobs so that maybe next year, or a couple of years, I can afford to dive into something that I love to do.

But what will that be? I still would desperately love to open my own bakery/deli, but the market is saturated with bakeries here in Indy. No kidding, there’s a donut shop, specialty cake shop, or cupcake bakery on every corner here. And I ask myself, is it worth the risk to dive in to something that literally every one is doing? Or I could go back to school and pursue a career in something totally different. But, that’s the thing, I don’t know what I would like to do. I love to bake, sew, quilt, crochet, and pretty much anything creative. But do I need a degree for that? And can I make a living doing what I really love?

I need some serious advice, some career counseling, or a kick in the pants. Any volunteers? Anyone?


Have a Blessed day,

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. (‭Romans‬ ‭12‬:‭2‬ ESV)


The denim skirt is a little sewing project that I learned from MimiGStyle on YouTube. She also has her own app!! Check her out!

Well hello there, stranger!!


Well, I’ve been away far too long. I have been busy, busy, busy, in my quest to transform my life in my “Lifestyle Change 2014”. Let me catch you up on what I’ve been up to. I am still working out sporadically because I now have 2 jobs. I’m still a pharmacy tech during the day and I work as a cargo handler at night. So, I try to throw workouts in there, every now and then. But with the hard labor at night, handling all that freight, I’ve still been losing weight. I have really slacked in the vegetarian/vegan department. I have fell into the trap of, well it’s much easier to eat fast food, so that I can catch as much sleep as possible in between jobs. I know, I know, you’re saying “Valencia, you were doing so well”. I know, but I’m still losing weight. I’m down 33 pounds! Whoot!! Whoot!! Oh yeah!
I’ve also been using these pretty cool apps to earn extra cash like, EasyShift, Field Agent, Rewardable, GigWalk, and Zapiddy. I’ve tried a few others, but I’ve been spoiled by EasyShift and Field Agent, in that I don’t have to spend money to make money doing those jobs. Other apps like Mobee, ask that you spend money to get points towards gift cards, and I have to admit I like cold hard cash in my PayPal please, lol. And I’ve been desperately waiting to get that email from BzzAgent to get free stuff to sample and give my opinion on. And of course I’m trying to be an extreme coupon lady, by using Ibotta, Shopmium, Jingit, Shopkick, and apps that give you additional savings on grocery items.
But I have to admit all of this takes considerable time and travel to make it lucrative, so between my 2 jobs during the week, I can only do EasyShift and Field Agent on the weekends. So if I have any competition out there in Indy, feel free to grab all the jobs Monday thru Friday, because I’m too busy to make that full time commitment. But anyone out there who may read my lonely blog, I really do suggest you get out there and make that money!! It’s definitely out there to be had. And there’s enough to go around.

Have a Blessed Day



Still hanging in there Week 10


Good Morning lovely people,

Oh, I must say, it’s been a long time since I blogged. But, fortunately, I haven’t been off raiding donut shops or binge-eating on pizza and ice cream. I have actually been working out like I’m supposed to and I’m still eating right. My weigh-in for February shows that I’ve lost a total of 14.2 pounds, and yes I’m going to count that 0.2 pounds. So, that’s great. I’m looking at the weight loss as “I remember what I was doing or what year it was when I was that weight”. So I haven’t been this weight in 8-10 months. So, over this year, hopefully I can turn back the hands of time and get back to the weight I was in 2000 when I was 140 and I thought I was fat then, lol. Really at 140 and size 8, I thought I was fat, such a shame, and now I would kill or seriously maim someone to be that size again. I will have to admit that I broke my rule of monthly weigh-ins, and I had been weighing myself every week in February and that backfired on me. One week I lost 3 pounds and then last week I only lost 1.4 pounds, and I had a little meltdown. I was so upset, because I wanted to know so badly what I had done wrong that week. I mean I was flipping out asking myself, “What did I eat that made me not lose as much weight?”, “Did I not workout hard enough?”. Yeah, I was inconsolable, my poor daughter tried to talk me off the ledge (sorry Ess) but I wasn’t having it. I was so frustrated.

Well I got over it soon enough and had to tell myself, that at least I lost weight and didn’t gain any. I had to remember that I’m not on “Biggest Loser”. I do have a job and kids and a life and I can’t workout 8-10 hours a day, so I can’t expect to lose 6-10 pounds a week. So get over it, Valencia. At least I didn’t completely freak out and run to a donut shop or go through a whole bag of Chips Ahoy, lol. I recovered and I’m still eating healthy, I’m still working out, and I didn’t give up. And that folks, is a major accomplishment on my part. So I remain steadfast and diligent about my “Lifestyle Change 2014”.
“Never give up, never surrender.”- Galaxy Quest.

I have also started running again, last week was my first week to use the app on my IPhone, 5K Runner. I’ll try to become a runner, and when I say try, I mean do it grudgingly because I hate distance running. I might have the wrong attitude, but bear with me. I broke my leg a couple of years ago and I didn’t just break it, I shattered it like a chicken bone. I have a plate and 8 screws in my leg and ankle and I was told by my physical therapist that I would never run again, HA! Yes, it took me awhile but I’m running a little on the treadmill. I had attempted to run over the summer outside on pavement but that didn’t go so well. My ankle was swollen for days. But, I can definitely run on a treadmill, granted with my ankle wrapped, but it’s all good. It still hurts most of the time after I run, but I think I can work through the pain. I’m determined to work it out. I would like to do a 5k in April, so we’ll see how this training goes.

I’ve been working on my “Lifestyle Change 2014” for 10 weeks now and here’s a little recap. I have lost 14.2 pounds and my blood pressure is now 117/69. I’m off of all sleeping pills and anti-depressants. I workout 3 times a week. I’m down to one blood pressure med. I eat mostly all fruits and vegetables and I cut out fried foods. I eat a low cholesterol, low sodium, low-fat (keeping the good fat) diet. I read all my food labels and cut out all processed sugars. I cut out all caffeine, no soda at all, and I drink only water and the juice that I make from my juicer, no sugar added. And yes I still have cravings every once in awhile, so I’ll drink a glass of organic soy milk with a little Hershey’s chocolate syrup, that is my one indulgence, but I think one glass once a week is not that bad. I’m not falling off the wagon.

And so it continues, the journey of my life to a better, healthier, happier me.


Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. (Romans 12:2 ESV)




Calling All Dreamers


Good morning lovely people,

I’m coming to you live from Indianapolis, here on the Westside, at my job, at my desk…Yep, it’s as boring as it sounds, lol. Such a shame that I’m here in the middle of my work day, daydreaming about what I want to be when I grow up. Yes, never mind the fact that I’m 41 years old, I have two almost adult children, I’ve been married and divorced, and I work a full-time job as a pharmacy technician. But that’s not my dream job, I mean it pays the bills, barely, but I have a dream of being my own boss one day. Seriously, I know that sounds like most Americans, but really folks, I think I deserve it after all of these years. I mean considering that I didn’t finish college and I’ve been a single mom for years before I got married. I have worked hard all my adult life starting at 14 and I’ve been in so many different lines of work I can’t even count all of the jobs I’ve had. I mean I could try but it would be hilarious and a bit embarrassing. Too bad I couldn’t get college credit for every different job I’ve had. I’ve worked as a waitress, in clothing stores, in hospitals, in drugstores, in the manufacturing field (making airplane engines and the automobile industry believe or not). I mean, I’m not flighty or unable to hold down a job, but I’m a jack-of-all-trades, really, if you teach me something once, I’ll pick it up quickly and I’ll be the best at it. But, with being a single mom for so many years, I went wherever the best paying job with the best health insurance would have me.

So with that being said, I’ve learned over the years, that I’m very creative and I can learn just about anything. I would like to take that gift and use it to my own advantage. I love baking, sewing, and quilting, and I would love to own my own rustic little shop where I can do all of these things all day and get paid for it. Sounds great!!! One day, I’ll make it happen. Don’t mind me, just rambling on, hoping and wishing, and dreaming.

You all have a great day,


And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith. (Galatians 6:9, 10 ESV)