Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!


Good afternoon,

Since I’m new to the sewing/blogger world and introduced myself yesterday, let me give you a sneak peek into my sewing room. Now mind you I reside in a 2-bedroom apartment so I don’t have too much room in my master bedroom so everything is tucked neatly away in the corner and along my bedroom wall. It’s kind of tight but it serves me really well. I use a computer desk for my sewing machine, a used bathroom shelf to hold my fabrics and notions, and a card table for my cutting table. Maybe one day when I buy my own house, I’ll have enough space for my sewing room, until them I’m happy with my space.





So today I’ll try to finish my very first quilt that I’m making for my mom for Valentine’s day or her birthday, or whenever I get finished;-)
I learned how to do those wonderful asterisk and Dresden blocks from the Craftsy website “Block of the Month” forum, from a exceptional teacher, Amy Gibson at http://www.stitcherydickorydock.com

Thanks Amy, you rock!!


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