First time is always bittersweet


Finally!! It’s finished, my very first quilt! I’m so super excited that it turned out pretty wonderful for my first time. I mean, aside from all the trials and (mostly) errors, lol. It wasn’t as hair-pulling as I thought it would be. Definitely less stressful then my first cake creations and a lot less screaming at the sewing machine than I do my oven. So all’s well that ends well. And like all firsts I learned from my mistakes. Like for instance; I think I’ll be quilting individual blocks as I go. I don’t think me and my sewing machine can handle the entire quilt. I’m sewing with a Brother CS-6000i, now maybe it can handle the load but I may not have the patience, always wondering if I’m keeping the backing from bunching up. I also, out of wonder and awe, I didn’t bind the quilt like I should have, because I thought I would be Ms. Fancy-Pants and add binding with piping, Ha! Is all I’m going to say about that. But, nevertheless, I think it turned out exceptionally amateuresque. And that’s great for me. And, I’m sure my mom will love it for Valentine’s Day, because like all mom’s she’ll appreciate anything that her baby made for her. Hopefully she won’t try to stick it on the fridge to show off to family and friends 😉
I want to thank all of my teachers (unbeknownst to them) Amy Gibson through her Craftsy class “Block of the Month” also at where I learned how to do those asterisk and Dresden blocks and
Those wonderful people at where I learned how to add binding with piping. (I promise all do better next time)

Thanks and on to the next one!!!







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