Well hello there, stranger!!


Well, I’ve been away far too long. I have been busy, busy, busy, in my quest to transform my life in my “Lifestyle Change 2014”. Let me catch you up on what I’ve been up to. I am still working out sporadically because I now have 2 jobs. I’m still a pharmacy tech during the day and I work as a cargo handler at night. So, I try to throw workouts in there, every now and then. But with the hard labor at night, handling all that freight, I’ve still been losing weight. I have really slacked in the vegetarian/vegan department. I have fell into the trap of, well it’s much easier to eat fast food, so that I can catch as much sleep as possible in between jobs. I know, I know, you’re saying “Valencia, you were doing so well”. I know, but I’m still losing weight. I’m down 33 pounds! Whoot!! Whoot!! Oh yeah!
I’ve also been using these pretty cool apps to earn extra cash like, EasyShift, Field Agent, Rewardable, GigWalk, and Zapiddy. I’ve tried a few others, but I’ve been spoiled by EasyShift and Field Agent, in that I don’t have to spend money to make money doing those jobs. Other apps like Mobee, ask that you spend money to get points towards gift cards, and I have to admit I like cold hard cash in my PayPal please, lol. And I’ve been desperately waiting to get that email from BzzAgent to get free stuff to sample and give my opinion on. And of course I’m trying to be an extreme coupon lady, by using Ibotta, Shopmium, Jingit, Shopkick, and apps that give you additional savings on grocery items.
But I have to admit all of this takes considerable time and travel to make it lucrative, so between my 2 jobs during the week, I can only do EasyShift and Field Agent on the weekends. So if I have any competition out there in Indy, feel free to grab all the jobs Monday thru Friday, because I’m too busy to make that full time commitment. But anyone out there who may read my lonely blog, I really do suggest you get out there and make that money!! It’s definitely out there to be had. And there’s enough to go around.

Have a Blessed Day




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