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Do you ever???


Good morning lovely people,

It’s the end of the week and I’m tired and feeling a little blah. I know that working these two jobs is temporary. And I know that there’s a reason that The Lord gives me the strength to work them and it’s greatly appreciated. I even pray that I feel refreshed in the morning after 2 hours of sleep. And I do feel much better. Thank God!

Driving into work this morning, though, a girl can get cranky very quickly. Do you ever wonder why people race you, just to get to a red light? Ever wonder why people drive in the wrong lane just to whip in front of you at the last minute? Do you ever wish that the person speeding past you gets pulled over by a cop? Do you wonder why people drive really slow in front of you and then when you try to pass them they speed up? Do you ever wish that person that’s speeding every day to get to the parking lot so they’re not late, would just get up earlier? Do you ever think to yourself “Well no wonder your car is all banged up on the side, because you drive like a maniac!” Are you ever leery parking next to said person with the banged up car because you think they’re going to ding your car door? All these questions and more flash through my head as I make my commute to work every morning and, alas, it’s the same ride in every morning. No peaceful scenery like driving past cows or horses in a pasture. Or driving past a lake where the fish are jumping out of the water. Or no woodland creatures out for their morning stroll, hahahaha. Ok, I slipped into a Disney movie, sorry.

Well let me get to work and be productive. Got to make this day count, right?!?!?! Although I’m pretty sure everyday counts. You all have a great and blessed day. Wishing you hot showers and green lights! That always makes my day. What makes your day a little brighter?




Money Makers


Good Morning lovely people,

I hope everyone had a wonderful and productive weekend. I know I definitely did. I was cramming in some mystery shopping with my wonderful “money-making apps”. I promise you these are really great ways to make extra cash on the weekends like I do or great for you stay-at-home moms and dads to do during the week. I had 8 shifts from EasyShift, 6 from Zapiddy, and a couple from Field Agent. I’m telling you, they pay off if you have a few jobs from different apps at the same store and of course, if they’re all in the same area. I sometimes drive too far, but I figure if I add them all up for one day’s work, then that’s a good chunk of change to add to my PayPal during the week.

I will say that EasyShift is my favorite because they’re to the point, short, and sweet. You get in and get out. I think the longest I’ve taken to do one is 30-45 minutes in Sam’s Club. But, it’s worth it, because the Sam’s Club jobs pay the most. And if you log into the EasyShift app, they have an awesome forum, where Shifters from across the nation can discuss, the jobs, the policies, and other apps. It’s a very helpful forum, because I’ve learned of other apps, the ones that pay the most, the most frequent, and which ones that aren’t worth the trouble. Even tech support joins in on the discussions, to address issues and answer questions. They’re very polite and helpful.

Field Agent and Zapiddy are similar in the type of jobs there are, but Field Agent only gives you 2 hours to do the task, so that doesn’t help me while I’m at work during the week. And Zapiddy just had an upgrade and they’re offering more jobs it seems. There are others that I’ve tried, but between working 2 jobs during the week, I’m only able to stick to a few apps and do them on the weekends. But, I’m pretty sure it can be somewhat lucrative if you have a lot of apps.

Others that I can suggest are Gigwalk, Mobee, gapNsnap, StockUP, and Rewardable. And there are other apps that pay with points towards gift cards, such as PerkTV, PerkPopQuiz, winput, Jingit, ONGO surveys, PanelApp, dscout, and the elusive (for me, that is) BzzAgent.

BzzAgent is a website that will send you free products to try out for free and give your opinion. But, I think you have to have some connections to have them send you something, because I haven’t received anything yet. I think I possibly need more Twitter followers, Facebook friends, and more people to follow my blog. But, in due time, I guess.

Have a Blessed Day,




Random thoughts


Good Evening folks,

So not much new on the sewing front, the baking scene, or on my promotion. I woke up this morning with a migraine, just a minor setback for the day. I’ve suffered from migraines for a few years now, just a byproduct from high blood pressure. But, being the little scamp that I am, I decided back in December of last year, that I would forgo all BP meds and diet and exercise, to lose weight and lower my BP on my own. I was doing so well for the first couple of months and lost 12 pounds. But I’ve been a slacker for the last few weeks, that I have to get back on it. I knew last night while eating this pizza that I’ve been craving for a few months now, that I would wake up with a renewed sense of eating healthy. And low and behold, not to my surprise, I woke up with a headache. I made it to work though, but I couldn’t function and was completely unproductive, so I had to leave after working half of my shift. So, needless to say, I have to get back on my dieting (eating healthy) and start some exercising. (BOOOOO HISSSSS)

I did, however win another bid on the Goodwill auction site:

orange bowl

Vintage Small Orange Carnival Glass Bowl

Per my previous post, I’m still trying to figure out this blogging thing, and I’m lost on how to add the Pinterest button, where people can pin images from my blog to Pinterest. I figured out how to add the button, but it won’t allow me to pin a particular image. Maybe someone out there can help me on that. I would assume it’s because I haven’t upgraded my blog or something of that nature. But I did figure out how to show up on Bloglovin, so points for me!!!

So, I’m going to go to bed early and try it again, meanwhile you all enjoy your evening and many blessings to you,

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. And whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.” (Mark 11:24, 25 ESV)