Money Makers


Good Morning lovely people,

I hope everyone had a wonderful and productive weekend. I know I definitely did. I was cramming in some mystery shopping with my wonderful “money-making apps”. I promise you these are really great ways to make extra cash on the weekends like I do or great for you stay-at-home moms and dads to do during the week. I had 8 shifts from EasyShift, 6 from Zapiddy, and a couple from Field Agent. I’m telling you, they pay off if you have a few jobs from different apps at the same store and of course, if they’re all in the same area. I sometimes drive too far, but I figure if I add them all up for one day’s work, then that’s a good chunk of change to add to my PayPal during the week.

I will say that EasyShift is my favorite because they’re to the point, short, and sweet. You get in and get out. I think the longest I’ve taken to do one is 30-45 minutes in Sam’s Club. But, it’s worth it, because the Sam’s Club jobs pay the most. And if you log into the EasyShift app, they have an awesome forum, where Shifters from across the nation can discuss, the jobs, the policies, and other apps. It’s a very helpful forum, because I’ve learned of other apps, the ones that pay the most, the most frequent, and which ones that aren’t worth the trouble. Even tech support joins in on the discussions, to address issues and answer questions. They’re very polite and helpful.

Field Agent and Zapiddy are similar in the type of jobs there are, but Field Agent only gives you 2 hours to do the task, so that doesn’t help me while I’m at work during the week. And Zapiddy just had an upgrade and they’re offering more jobs it seems. There are others that I’ve tried, but between working 2 jobs during the week, I’m only able to stick to a few apps and do them on the weekends. But, I’m pretty sure it can be somewhat lucrative if you have a lot of apps.

Others that I can suggest are Gigwalk, Mobee, gapNsnap, StockUP, and Rewardable. And there are other apps that pay with points towards gift cards, such as PerkTV, PerkPopQuiz, winput, Jingit, ONGO surveys, PanelApp, dscout, and the elusive (for me, that is) BzzAgent.

BzzAgent is a website that will send you free products to try out for free and give your opinion. But, I think you have to have some connections to have them send you something, because I haven’t received anything yet. I think I possibly need more Twitter followers, Facebook friends, and more people to follow my blog. But, in due time, I guess.

Have a Blessed Day,





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